Is this the last post about Grandad Beck?

Is this the end of this blog? Well, I have achieved what I set out to do, written about my Great Grandfather’s career in the police force.  With over 40 years service Grandad Beck is one of the longest serving policemen in Dorset Police.  This blog has exceeded my expectations when I started back in January 2016. I have written more than I expected, over 60 posts, one a week.  I have ‘met’ cousins, I didn’t know before and made some new friends. I have learnt about Dorset history, my home town of Bridport and my ancestors.

Young girl with long hair
Grandad Beck’s daughter
my Grandmother Laura May

10 thoughts on “Is this the last post about Grandad Beck?”

  1. I hope not, I look forward to your blogs. If you have completed the work on your great grandfather then there are always other people in the family to research!

    1. Alison, thank you for all your comments on my posts, they have helped to keep me going. Yes, there is lots more family to research, I am spoilt for choice. I am not sure were, or should I say whom, I will choose for my next post. Thank you for your help with my recent post about Eli Beck, the information you sent was helpful. Now if you have anything else I could use….
      Best wishes Sylvia

  2. I have so enjoyed reading the blogs about the Beck family and have learnt so much about the family that I didn’t have a lot of information on. Please, when you have time, resume the blogs, they are so interesting and I have loved receiving them. All good wishes to you and your family, enjoy your summer.

    1. Heather,
      Thank you for all your help with the Beck family information. Some of the family legends that you have told me about will be interesting to investigated further. I have enjoyed researching and writing the posts, it is just deciding where to go next. I will not leave it too long but I will not write so frequently.
      Best wishes Sylvia

  3. Always looked forward to your next post and especially the photographs you added. Thank you for making mondays more interesting. Take a few weeks off before your next adventure.

    1. Ian,
      Thank you for all your help with the police side of research, I really appreciated it. I think we will continue to get descendent of different officers contact me. I am glad you enjoyed all posts that were very family orientated, having the photographs made such a difference. Do stay in touch and good luck with your own research.
      Best wishes Sylvia

    2. Hi Ian
      I am compiling archives of my Grandfather: George Peach PC 66. He joined after WW1, 1921/1923 he was stationed at Bridport. (Granddad is in some of the photo’s with superintendent Beck) 1929 he was stationed at Beaminster (My father was born at Beaminster)
      Grandad died of TB while serving, as village policeman at Leigh, nr Sherborne, in 1943, aged 47.

      Best Regards
      Bill Peach

      1. Bill, thank you for this information. I really enjoy hearing about the Police in Dorset, especially when they served with Grandad Beck. I am sure Ian will enjoy exchanging stories.

  4. I read with excitement your stories about your Great Grandfather,
    You did mention Mr Plummer Deputy Chief Constable.from the Dorset Constabulary.
    He was my Grandfather< as you will have gathered i am getting on a bit!!
    if there is anything you can tell me about him< my grandmother Sarah Plummer or indeed the Chief Constable during that time i would be so grateful
    Thank you for any help you could give me<

    1. June,
      Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. I will send you an email, to see if I can help with your query.

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