Having Fun with the Grandchildren

1932 was the year that Grandad Beck’s third and final grandchild was born. My father was very fond of his grandfather and has happy memories of holidays at Poole. Grandad Beck outlived both his son and daughter. Lionel died in 1918 and my Grandmother, May in 1939.

We have many photographs that Grandad Beck took of his two children and three grandchildren. I have chosen two photos for this post, both taken at Grandad Beck’s home at Longfleet, Poole, Dorset.  The first one shows the three Grandchildren Osborne, Marion and Jackson with Aunty Jo (Grandad Beck’s second wife) and Fred House, the children’s father. This photograph has a date on the back, 7 September 1941, which (if correct) would have been during the World War Two. Osborne at 15 years would have left school and have been working on the farm with his father, Fred. Marion 12 years and Jackson 9 years old, both at School. From the balls on the lawn and mallet, Fred is holding, it looks like they had been playing croquet.

Osborne, Marion, Jackson, Aunty Jo and Fred House sitting on deckchairs in the garden
Osborne, Marion, Jackson, Aunty Jo and Fred House at Longfleet, Poole

The second photograph is my favourite. A race between Grandad, Granddaughter and Grandson, with what looks like 2 lawnmowers and a lawn roller. The two children look younger so I think this is an earlier picture.

Grandad Beck with Grandchildren lining up for a race. Marion has a lawnmower with a M on it. Jackson has a lawnmower with J on it and Grandad has a lawn roller with G.
Grandad Beck with Grandchildren Marion and Jackson Circa 1940 Taken at Longfleet Poole

These photographs shows Grandad Beck’s great loves, his family, his garden and sport. I think the photographs also show his sense of humour, setting up the race, marking their initials on the garden implements. Generally having great fun.

Sport played an important part in Grandad Beck’s life he took part in the Dorset Constabulary Athletic Club from its first meeting in circa 1900 until his retirement, when he was vice president of the club and beyond. He was especially keen on cricket and played tennis, but I will write more about that at another time. For now I hope you enjoy seeing him having fun with his family.

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2 thoughts on “Having Fun with the Grandchildren”

  1. What fantastic photos you have – Love the garden rollers! He looked like he had lots of fun with the grandchildren. Are you on Facebook in any blogging groups. We have some great pages. I love your Blog!

    1. Thank you Jeanne, I think this is one of my favourite posts. Some are less interesting but the posts follow my research. I found you on We Are Genealogy Bloggers facebook group, which I am finding really useful. Enjoying your A-Z food posts, especially as the foods are so very different from my part of the world.

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