This blog is written by Sylvia Collins to record the life and times of my Great Grandfather, Arthur Percy Beck. Known in the family as Grandad Beck, hence the title of this blog. Arthur Beck’s only daughter had 3 children, the youngest being my father. This blog include my father’s memories of his grandfather, who died when he was 15 years old.

Grandad Beck was a policeman for 40 years, he joined the Dorset Constabulary at the end of the 19th Century. During his life he saw many changes, including two world wars and the introduction of cars. Born in Buckland Newton, retiring to Poole, he served in Stourpaine, Lyme Regis, Upway, Dorchester, Blandford, Beaminster and Bridport. He was married twice, widowed and outlived both his children.

I live in Bridport and run my own business as a bookkeeper. I intend this blog to be started and finished in 2016 as a record of my research. My approach is to start at the end and work backwards towards the birth of Grandad Beck. Quite where this will take me, I don’t know but I hope you will join me and find something to interest you along the way.

I would like to post weekly but sometimes I may not achieve that or I may put in an extra post or update posts as I find new information.  I would like to offer you the opportunity to sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss a post or update that may interest you. Please enter your name and email on this form or on the form in the side bar.

I will try to give accurate information but incorrect information and assumptions will inevitably creep in to my posts. I will correct these as and when I become aware of them. I welcome any comments that will help to show a picture of Grandad Beck and his life as a policeman in West Dorset.

My initial research is a mixture of family memories, the Internet including genealogy sites and The British Newspaper Archive, micro file of Bridport News at the library, books about the police and local area, information kindly shared by local historians and will expand as I progress. Where practicable I have stated my sources in or at the end of a post.

I want to thank my family, who have encouraged and supported me in writing this.  My son Tony, for taking care of the technical side of setting up the site. Carol, for sharing the stories handed down from her mother, Grandad Beck’s only granddaughter. My father, who got me started and took me, as a child, to meet Grandad Beck’s second wife, Auntie Jo.

I would love to hear from you, please email me: sylvia@grandadbeck.co.uk

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